Simple Solution You Need For Your Car

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I have tiny baby t-rex arms and reaching behind the seat of my car for my purse is an issue. Let me paint this picture for you… I offer to drive and we arrive in one piece, but now I have to reach for my purse. As with any other time I try to be casual, I create a fumbled mess. I make my first attempt at grabbing my budget bag but get locked into the seat belt when I propel my legs as if I were a baby learning to crawl. The seat belt and awkward car yoga thrust my larger than necessary boob into my jaw and then I have to start over. Wondering why I just didn’t take the seat belt off in the first place, I reach towards the back again. By this time my face is beet red and my boobs are choking me out as I’m pressed up against the center console. The passenger has scooted all the way over to get the hell outta dodge and finally after a few earnest swipes, I catch a piece of the purse to pull it towards me, ending the 4 minute tussle. Fed up, I took to Amazon.
Simple Solution You Need For Your Car 1Simple Solution You Need For Your Car 2
These hooks hook onto your headrest making for a smooth purse grab as if your the Fonz going in on an unsuspecting one-arm cuddle. I knew I could count on you, Amazon.

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