Pura Vida Monthly Club Review for January 2019

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In this post, I’ll share my Pura Vida Monthly Club review for January 2019. Pura Vida Bracelets is an ethical jewelry brand that employs artisans with full-time work around the world and donates millions to charity. The Monthly Club is a subscription of three (sometimes 4) bracelets for only $14.95 per month.

Although I am an affiliate for Pura Vida Bracelets, I do pay for this subscription out of my own pocket. You will not be charged any extra money if you use my link or affiliate code (SARAHHEREDIA20) to make a purchase or to subscribe to the Monthly Club. You will actually save money!

About Pura Vida Monthly Club


$14.95 per month


3 exclusive bracelets (some months include 4)


Up to $50




Pura Vida Monthly Club review for January 2019

This is everything besides the sticker that was included this month. The sticker I got this month was of a sunflower so I was really happy about that.

Winter or not, I love beachy vibes. I love lapis blue so I’m really happy with this month’s bracelets. You typically get only 3 bracelets a month, but this one included a bonus fourth bracelet.

In the months going forward, I’m gonna taking pictures of the stickers that are included, because each month is different and they are always really cute.

One of my favorite things about this subscription is that the bracelets can be worn at any time during the year and you can mix and match them. Some of my other favorite months are the August 2018, November 2018, and February 2019 bracelet stacks. Truth be told I, mix and match all the bracelets all the time.

If you are interested in signing up, click here and use the coupon code SARAHHEREDIA20 for a discount off of your purchase. Otherwise, I would love to know what you think about this Pura Vida review in the comments below.

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