BeautyFix Review for March 2019

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In this post, I am going to share with you my BeautyFix Review for March 2019. BeautyFix by Dermstore is a monthly beauty subscription that features 6 or more skincare, body care, and hair care products.

I paid for this box with my own money.

About the BeautyFix by Dermstore Subscription


$24.95 per month
Free shipping


6 or more full and deluxe size skin and hair care products






BeautyFix Unboxing

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BeautyFix Review for March 2019

This is the outer packaging that this subscription comes in.

Every subscription box, including this one, has some sort of pamphlet or postcard with more information about the products included that month. Some subscriptions like Boxy Charm or Ipsy have monthly themes. This one doesn’t and I don’t find that it’s really necessary as long as the products are good.

Let’s get on with the BeautyFix Review for March 2019:

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream

Full Size Price: $36
Full Size Amount: 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

From the brand:

  • Allure 2017 Best of Beauty Winner
  • Gel-cream for the eyes that is supposed to hydrate and help skin appear firmer
  • Made for daytime use and to be used under makeup
  • First Aid Beauty has a list of over 1,300 ingredients to avoid including alcohol, artificial colorants, artificial fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates, talc, formaldehydes, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclocarbon, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, N-Butyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol
  • This brand focuses on skincare for everyone and especially those with sensitivities
  • Allergy-tested, nut-free, nano-free
  • Vegan and PETA certified cruelty-free

My thoughts:

The first product out of this subscription is a full-size product worth more than the box alone. So far, I’m getting off to a great start.

There is something about gel-creams that my skin really likes because they always feel so moisturizing, especially under the eyes.

Where to buy

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo

Full Size Price: $23
Full Size Amount: 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml

From the brand:

  • Leaves hair clean, fresh and glossy
  • No residue formula
  • Great for people with extensions
  • Free of silicones, conditioning agents, thickening agents, pearlizing agents, or organic oils

My thoughts:

This shampoo is supposed to leave your hair fresh with no residue. The residue that stays behind from your shampoo can clog hair follicles which causes hair loss or dull your color.

I used this a couple of times, but I stopped using it because I was in dire need to dye my hair. I like the claims that it won’t leave behind residue so I am going to start using it again.

Where to buy

HydroPeptide Exfoliating Cleanser

Full Size Price: $46
Full Size Amount: 6.76 fl oz

From the brand:

  • Supposed to be a gentle face wash with eco-friendly exfoliating jojoba beads
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Does not contain any gluten, parabens, phthalates, or sulphates
  • For all skin types, but supposed to be great for rough, dull, pigmented, and aging skin

My thoughts:

I don’t agree with the claims. This exfoliator has hard little balls in it. I still used this even though I don’t like abrasive exfoliators like this because I wanted to see if it helped to make my skin look fresh. I didn’t notice any difference aside from the slight irritation afterward. However, what I did notice is that the bottle was very firm which made it really hard to get the thick cream out.

Where to buy

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum

Full Size Price: $89

From the brand:

  • Contains hyaluronic acid and cannabis sativa seed oil which hydrate the skin
  • Serum is supposed to smooth stress lines, reduce under-eye puffines, reduce dark circles, and renew vibrancy
  • Cruelty-free

My thoughts:

Murad skin care is supposed to be great. However, I have had acne almost my whole life so when I was in my early 20s, I used the Murad acne treatment but it gave me the worst cystic acne I’ve ever had. From that point on, I have always been extremely cautious when I try out Murad products.

This one certainly didn’t break me out, but the sample size is very small so I wasn’t able to use it for more than a few days.

Where to buy

Skin Inc Supplement Bar Vitamin C Serum

Full Size Price: $35
Full Size Amount: 0.34 fl oz

From the brand:

  • Vitamin C serum that is supposed to help minimize the appearance of pores
  • Can be used individually, but is meant to be mixed and used with two other serums to provide a customized serum for you
  • Formulated without scent, parabens, sulfates, gluten and phthalates
  • Vegan and does not test on animals

My thoughts:

I started using this when I ran out of my Shero Science Vitamin C Serum. It was a little bit thicker and a tiny bit stickier. This along with the other Vitamin C products I’ve been using did help make a difference with the dark spots on my face.

Where to buy

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Full Size Price: $166
Full Size Amount: 30 ml / 1 fl oz

From the brand:

  • Vitamin C serum with 15% L-ascorbic acid, 1% alpha tocopherol and 0.5% ferulic acid
  • Supposed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brighten skin’s complexion
  • For dry, normal or sensitive skin
  • Once absorbed, the serum remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours
  • Paraben-free

My thoughts:

Of all the products from this month’s BeautyFix subscription, I was most excited to try this. Well, as I was putting all the products I needed to try away in my bathroom, this one fell and broke so I wasn’t able to use it at all.

I suppose it didn’t matter in the long run anyway because even if this does work, there is now way I can afford it.

Where to buy

StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks

Full Size Price: $139
Full Size Amount: 4.5 oz

From the brand:

  • Supposed to reduce the look of wrinkles in just 15 days
  • Hydrates and visibly enhances skin texture
  • Contains fragrance
  • Not tested on animals
  • Paraben-free
  • Not recommended o open acne breakouts

My thoughts:

You know, I used this a couple of times and I just forgot about it. I can’t say that it didn’t work or broke me out, I just forget that it’s there and don’t use it. I somewhat follow a Korean skincare routine and so I wasn’t sure where to fit this in.

After I read the product details, I realized that this should be used in place of a moisturizer. They call this a concentrate instead of a moisturizer because of the high concentration of the ingredients.

At this price point, it would be awesome if they provided a 15-day sample of this to see if you really can see a difference like they claim.

Where to buy

DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler

Full Size Price: $28
Full Size Amount: 12 fl oz / 355 ml

From the brand:

  • For curly hair
  • Great to use if you have tangles, knots or matted curls before you wash
  • Great for No-Poo and One Condition routines
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Free of sulfate, parabens, silicones and wheat

My thoughts:

I didn’t try this because I have very fine hair and never felt like I needed a pre-cleanse detangler.

Where to buy

Is the BeautyFix by Dermstore Subscription Worth The Price?

Yes, I think so. Especially if you have skin concerns, but you’re not sure which products you’d like to use yet. This skincare subscription, allows you to sample a variety of products until you find the ones that are right for you.

However, beauty and skincare preferences are subjective to your wants and needs. You don’t have to use or be happy with every single product included as long as the ones that you do use and love have a value of more than what the box is worth.

As for me I really loved most of these products, especially the First Aid Beauty eye cream which has a value worth more than the box alone. So of course this is a great value to me.

This is one of the reasons why I like to provide reviews like this for you, so you can see what was included in the past boxes to help you determine whether a subscription would be right for you.

Again, I’d like to mention that I pay for this box with my own money and am not an affiliate.

The BeautyFix by Dermstore subscription is available to purchase as a one-time-only box or as a monthly subscription. They also sell themed boxes such as a bridesmaid box, a summer box, etc.

I would love to know what you think about this BeautyFix Review for March 2019, so please let me know in the comments below.

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